County Fairs in Ohio

18 Splendid County Fairs in Ohio

County fairs in Ohio are a longstanding tradition that brings the community together, offers a place to exhibit livestock and produce, and these are a fun outing for the whole family. Here are some of the largest and most popular county fairs in Ohio.

1. Wyandot County Fair
Upper Sandusky, OH

Wyandot County Fair is a family-friendly annual event featuring many attractions, such as livestock, field crops, floral exhibits, demonstrations, amusement rides, games, contests, rodeo performances, a demolition derby, and tractor pulls. Read more

Wyandot County Fair in Upper Sandusky, Ohio

2. Defiance County Fair
Hicksville, OH

Defiance County Fair offers plenty of fun, entertainment, and activities for everyone. The fair features animals, agricultural exhibits, a demolition derby, amusement rides, live music, truck pulls, kids’ pedal pulls, contests, food, and much more. Read more

Defiance County Fair in Hicksville, Ohio

3. Sandusky County Fair
Fremont, OH

Sandusky County Fair is a more than 170-year-old tradition that features a full slate of events to keep fair-goers entertained. Attractions include midway rides, games, competitions, kids’ activities, a demolition derby, live music, food, and livestock. Read more

Sandusky County Fair in Fremont, Ohio

4. Auglaize County Fair
Wapakoneta, OH

Auglaize County Fair is a week-long family-friendly event, held each summer at the fairgrounds located along Fairview Drive in Wapakoneta, Ohio. The fair is full of fun activities including kiddie tractor pulls, harness racing, livestock, poultry, fine arts, floral shows, demonstrations, performances, bull riding, a demolition derby, midway rides, live music, and drag racing. Read more

Auglaize County Fair in Wapakoneta, OH

5. Gallia County Junior Fair
Gallipolis, OH

For more than 70 years, the Gallia County Junior Fair has served as a means of inspiring youth to greater achievements and be recognized for their efforts. It is an annual summer tradition that features exhibits, rides, games, contests, live music, truck & tractor pulls, rodeo performances, and demolition derbies. Read more

Gallia County Junior Fair in Gallipolis, OH

6. Fulton County Fair
Wauseon, OH

Fulton County Fair is one of the most popular county fairs in the state of Ohio. The fair offers a fun time for the whole family with attractions like harness racing, a demolition derby, arts & crafts, livestock, exhibits, tractor pulls, and much more. Read more

Fulton County Fair

7. Morrow County Fair
Mount Gilead, OH

Each year, the Morrow County Fair brings together people from across the county and surrounding areas for eight days of family-friendly fun, entertainment, and activities. It is an over 170-year-old widely celebrated community tradition offering many attractions, such as amusement rides, games, food, animals, truck pulls, rodeo performances, a demolition derby, and harness races. Read more

Morrow County Fair Ohio

8. The Great Geauga County Fair
Burton, OH

The Great Geauga County Fair is annually organized over the Labor Day weekend at the 150-acre fairgrounds in Burton, Ohio. With more than 200 years of operation, it is the oldest continuously running county fair in Ohio and one of the oldest existing agricultural fairs in the nation. Read more

The Great Geauga County Fair

9. Lorain County Fair
Wellington, OH

Lorain County Fair is held each August at the fairgrounds located along Fairgrounds Road in Wellington, Ohio. The fair is a great spot for family fun and activities with attractions like livestock, entertainment, truck & tractor pulls, kiddie pedal pulls, demolition derbies, food, contests, and more. Read more

Lorain County Fair

10. Muskingum County Fair
Zanesville, OH

Muskingum County Fair is held each August at the 75-acre fairgrounds located along Pershing Road in Zanesville, Ohio. With more than 170 years of tradition, the fair celebrates the county’s rich agricultural heritage. Read more

Muskingum County Fair

11. Cuyahoga County Fair
Middleburg Heights, OH

Cuyahoga County Fair is a summer tradition held annually at the 117-acre fairgrounds in Middleburg Heights, Ohio. Attractions include midway rides, arts & crafts, food, entertainment, livestock, and fireworks. Read more

Cuyahoga County Fair

12. Canfield Fair
Canfield, OH

First held in 1846, the Canfield Fair has continued to offer a great outing for people of all ages in a family-friendly environment for more than 170 years. Annually organized at the fairgrounds located along Columbiana-Canfield Road in Canfield, the fair features livestock, arts & crafts, rides, contests, food, and a demolition derby. Read more

Canfield Fair

13. Clermont County Fair
Owensville, OH

Clermont County Fair has been a wholesome and family-friendly summer tradition since 1849. Visit the fairgrounds located along Locust Street in Owensville, Ohio for livestock, poultry, agricultural exhibits, arts & crafts, rodeo performances, truck & tractor pulls, tasty food, amusement rides, and games. Read more

Clermont County Fair in Owensville, Ohio

14. Paulding County Fair
Paulding, OH

Paulding County Fair is a family-friendly and fun-filled event featuring many attractions including livestock, amusement rides, tractor pulls, a demolition derby, magic shows, a parade, contests, food, and kids’ activities. Read more

Paulding County Fair

15. Trumbull County Fair
Cortland, OH

Each year, the Trumbull County Agricultural Society organizes the annual fair at the fairgrounds located along Everett Hull Road in Cortland, Ohio. It has been a popular community tradition for more than 170 years offering plenty of family-friendly fun, entertainment, and activities for everyone. Attractions include rodeo performances, truck & tractor pulls, a demo derby, animals, food, commercial vendors, contests, amusement rides and so much more. Read more

Trumbull County Fair in Cortland, Ohio

16. Van Wert County Fair
Van Wert, OH

Van Wert County Fair is a wonderful summer tradition that offers something for everyone including rides, games, great fair food, entertainment, contests, livestock, and lots of fun. Read more

Van Wert County Fair

17. Coshocton County Fair
Coshocton, OH

Coshocton County Fair is a wholesome community tradition that celebrates the strong agricultural roots of Coshocton County. The week-long annual fair features midway rides, livestock, agricultural exhibits, a demolition derby, and rodeo performances. Read more

Coshocton County Fair

18. Ashland County Fair
Ashland, OH

Each fall, the Ashland County Fair is organized to promote agriculture and provide a family-friendly outing for people of surrounding areas and beyond. Visit the fairgrounds on Claremont Avenue for entertainment, amusement rides, tractor pulls, a demolition derby, food, livestock exhibits, agricultural projects, crafts, and lots of fun. Read more

Ashland County Fair Ohio

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