Hagemessen 2023 – Lillestrøm, Norway

Garden Show in Lillestrom

Start Date

Friday, 21 April 2023

End Date

Sunday, 23 April 2023

Event Location

NOVA Spektrum
Messeveien 8, 2004 Lillestrøm, Norway


Project Leader: Cecilie Svabø

  • Phone: +47 906 12 669
  • Email: cs@novaspektrum.no

Social Media Profiles

  • Facebook: fb.com/hagemesse
  • Instagram: instagram.com/hagemessen



Hagemessen Lillestrom Norway

About Hagemessen

Hagemessen is one of Norway’s largest gardening events. The show offers lots of garden information, inspiration, and attendees can buy equipment, tools, garden furniture, plants, and more. Hagemessen also features garden design exhibits, children’s activities, and stonemasons in action. Attendees can also buy local food at the food square and meet gardening and landscape professionals. In 2023, the three-day Hagemessen will take place from Friday, 21 April to Sunday, 23 April.

Hagemessen Lillestrom

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