Sika Show & Competition 2024 – Hamilton, New Zealand

The annual Sika Show & Competition is the largest outdoor trade show of its kind in New Zealand. In previous years, more than 6000 people have been visiting the show each year in September at the Great Lake Centre in Taupo. As of 2021, the Sika Show went under new management and the show will take place in Mystery Creek Events Centre.

An important element of the Show has been the collection of jaws. The jaw collection data provides valuable information on the population, demography, and condition of Sika deer in New Zealand. In 2024, the Sika Show will be held on Saturday, 2nd November and Sunday, 3rd November.

Start Date

Saturday, 2nd November 2024

End Date

Sunday, 3rd November 2024

Event Location

Mystery Creek Events Centre
Gate 2, 125 Mystery Creek Road, Ohaupo 3881, Hamilton, New Zealand


Email: [email protected]


Sika Show & Competition

5 thoughts on “Sika Show & Competition 2024 – Hamilton, New Zealand”

  1. I am extremely disapppointed to see the show has been moved to Hamilton – far from “Sika country”. Why not just start a gun show for the JAFFAS in Auckland and leave our show where it belongs in Taupo – where the Sika are??

  2. Believe (preface heard through the grapevine so no guarantee this is correct) the venue change was down to venue costs and what Taupo had to offer that was big enough. Cost of extra marquees and infrastructure as opposed to using existing buildings.

  3. Pleased to see the venue change as its a lot easier for most of the potentual hunter customers to get access to Mystery Creek which is a top spot to set up as an exhibitor!

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