World Jellyfish Day 2024

World Jellyfish Day is an annual celebration of these incredibly fascinating sea creatures. It is celebrated each year on November 3rd – which is springtime in the southern hemisphere and the season when jellyfish begin their migration toward the northern hemisphere shores.

In 2024, World Jellyfish Day will be celebrated on Sunday, November 3.

World Jellyfish Day


Interesting Facts about Jellyfish

On World Jellyfish Day, let’s get to know the world’s most astonishing invertebrate.

  • Jellyfish have tentacles armed with tiny, stinging cells which they use to stun or paralyze prey before gobbling it up.
  • These incredible invertebrates have no brain, heart, or bones. Most jellyfish species don’t even have eyes.
  • Jellyfish have a small mouth in the center of their body – and use it for both eating and discarding waste. Also, by squirting water from their mouths, Jellyfish propel forward.
  • Jellyfish don’t have lungs, gills, or any other part of a normal respiratory structure. They absorb oxygen through their skin.
  • Unlike most species of jellyfish, box jellies have eyes – 24 of them spread across all four sides of their bell, giving them a 360-degree vision.


Interesting Facts about Jellyfish

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