World Pangolin Day 2024

World Pangolin Day is celebrated every year on the third Saturday in February. It is an opportunity to celebrate these unique scaly-skinned mammals. World Pangolin Day was founded in 2012.

Unfortunately, pangolins are killed and trafficked in great numbers. All eight species of pangolin are considered threatened with extinction according to IUCN, where they are categorized from vulnerable to critically endangered.

On World Pangolin Day you can voice concern regarding the plight of these fascinating creatures by posting on social media or writing a blog post. You can also give a presentation about them at school and support organizations working for their wellbeing.

World Pangolin Day will be celebrated on Saturday, February 17, 2024.

World Pangolin Day

Interesting Facts About Pangolins

  • There are eight species of Pangolins. Four are found in Africa and the other four in Asia.
  • When threatened, they roll into a ball, like an armadillo. Also, to defend themselves from predators they can release a stinky fluid from a gland at the base of their tails.
  • It is the only truly scaly mammal in the world.
  • Baby pangolins ride on their mothers’ tails for about three months after birth.
  • The tongue of this scaly anteater can be longer than its body.
  • They prey primarily upon ants and termites.

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