International Orangutan Day 2024

International Orangutan Day is celebrated every year on August 19th. It is a wonderful opportunity to show our love for orangutans. Unfortunately, orangutans are facing many threats. Deforestation, habitat loss, illegal hunting, and illegal wildlife trade are the main threats to their wellbeing, survival, and population. International Orangutan Day is a very important occasion to highlight the threats faced by these amazing primates. There are many ways to celebrate this day. You can sign a petition to help protect them, learn about them, and tell others what you have learned. You can also post on social media to raise awareness and donate to a conservation project.

International Orangutan Day will be celebrated on Monday, August 19, 2024.

International Orangutan Day

Interesting Facts About Orangutans

  • The word orangutan means “person of the forest”.
  • The adult male is normally twice the size of the female.
  • Did you know that female orangutans have the longest breeding interval of any mammal? On average they give birth once every eight years.
  • They are the largest of all arboreal animals.
  • They spend most of their time up in the trees.
  • Older males develop wide flappy cheek pads called flanges, a unique feature among primates.

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