International Tea Day 2024

International Tea Day is celebrated on 21st May every year. Tea is the world’s most-consumed drink, after water. Humans have been consuming tea for thousands of years. There is evidence that tea was consumed in China 5,000 years ago. The tea industry provides jobs in some of the very remote and disadvantaged areas. Millions of people earn their livelihood through tea production and processing. Also, the tea industry is the main source of income for some of the poorest countries. Tea is grown in more than 35 countries. Tea can play a significant role in poverty reduction and food security in developing countries. China, Korea, and Japan have 4 tea cultivation sites designated as ‘Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems’ by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Drinking tea can bring many health benefits, from anti-inflammatory to antioxidant and weight loss effects.

The United Nations General Assembly has designated 21 May as International Tea Day. This day is celebrated to promote activities in favor of the sustainable production and consumption of tea and raise awareness of its importance in fighting hunger and poverty. You can celebrate this day by trying a different brand of tea, making some baked green tea treats, supporting a charity working for tea plantation workers, and posting on social media to raise awareness about this day.

In 2024, International Tea Day will be celebrated on Tuesday, 21 May.

International Tea Day

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