International Chefs Day 2024

International Chefs Day is celebrated every year on October 20. This holiday was created by Chef Dr. Bill Gallagher in 2004. International Chefs Day provides an opportunity to celebrate this noble profession. Worldchefs, an association of chef societies, focuses on teaching the kids about the importance of healthy eating to celebrate this day. While you can celebrate this day by appreciating the role of chefs, you can also teach kids some quick and easy recipes and help them prepare a couple of quick meals.

International Chefs Day will be celebrated on Sunday, October 20, 2024.

International Chefs Day

Quotes about chefs and cooking

“Chefs are leaders in their own little world.”
– Eric Ripert (French chef, author, and television personality, born in 1965)

“I guess I fell into cooking.”
– Bobby Flay (American chef, restaurateur, and reality tv personality, born in 1964)

“If you think well, you cook well.”
– Ferran Adria (Spanish chef, born in 1962)

“You don’t come into cooking to get rich.”
– Gordon Ramsay (British chef, writer, and television personality, born in 1966)

“Cooking is the art of adjustment.”
– Jacques Pepin (French-born American chef, author, and television personality, born in 1935)

“I would love to date a chef.”
– Elizabeth Olsen (American actress, born in 1989)

“The greatest dishes are very simple.”
– Auguste Escoffier (French chef and culinary writer, 1846-1935)

“A good chef never reveals his secrets.”
– Mick Garris (American filmmaker and screenwriter, born in 1951)

“Cooking is an art, but you eat it too.”
– Marcella Hazan (Italian-born cooking writer, 1924-2013)

“No great pastry chef has sweet teeth.”
– Morley Safer (Canadian-American broadcast journalist and reporter, 1931-2016)

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