World Numbat Day 2024

Numbat is a highly specialized termite-eating marsupial that was once found across most of southern Australia. Today, they have disappeared from almost all of their range and are considered endangered with an estimated population of less than 1,000 mature individuals.

World Numbat Day is observed each year on the first Saturday in November. This day celebrates these unique mammals and encourages to conserve them. In 2024, World Numbat Day will be observed on Saturday, November 2nd.

You can celebrate World Numbat Day by:

  • Raising awareness and spreading information about these endangered animals.
  • Making a donation to organizations concerned with protecting numbats such as the Australian Wildlife Conservancy(AWC).
  • Learning about them and World Numbat Day is the perfect occasion to search for more information about their lives.

World Numbat Day

Interesting Facts about Numbats

On World Numbat Day, let’s get to know Western Australia’s animal emblem.

  • Numbats are marsupials but they don’t have a pouch for their babies.
  • They almost exclusively eat termites.
  • Numbats have long sticky tongues which are approximately 11 cm long. They collect termites by flicking their long tongues into narrow cavities in logs, small holes, leaf litter, etc.
  • Introduced predators like cats and red foxes are a big threat to their population.

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