International Jaguar Day 2024

International Jaguar Day is celebrated every year on November 29. This day provides an opportunity to celebrate the Americas’ largest wild cat. Habitat loss and illegal wildlife trafficking are the primary threats to Jaguar populations. In March 2018 ‘Jaguar 2030 Forum’ was held at United Nations Headquarters in New York. Representatives from 14 range countries participated in the event. Among other steps and measures for the wellbeing of jaguars, the Jaguar 2030 Forum statement also proposed the creation of the annual International Jaguar Day. It is observed to raise awareness about the increasing threats these big cats are facing.

International Jaguar Day will be celebrated on Friday, November 29, 2024.

International Jaguar Day

Interesting Facts About Jaguars

Let’s find out more about these iconic big cats on International Jaguar Day.

Jaguars are the largest feline in the Americas and the third-largest on Earth after tigers and lions.

They are good swimmers and hunt turtles, fish, and even caimans. They have been known to swim across the Panama canal.

On land, they prefer to hunt at night and prey upon deers, capybaras, peccaries, tapirs, and a number of other animals.

These majestic felines were once worshipped as gods in some ancient South American cultures.

Jaguars are territorial and live alone. They mark their territory with their waste and clawing the trees.

Females give birth to litters of one to four cubs. The newborns are helpless and the mothers defend them fiercely from other animals including their father. The young ones live with their mothers for two or more years.

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