World Wetlands Day 2024

World Wetlands Day is celebrated annually on February 2nd. Wetlands are distinct ecosystems that are flooded by water. They are considered the most biologically diverse of all ecosystems and often support high concentrations of animals, including fish, birds, mammals, and invertebrates. They are habitats for a dense variety of aquatic plants, adapted to the unique hydric soil. They also provide ecosystem services that benefit humanity, including water filtration, flood control, and storm protection. Wetlands occur naturally on every continent.

The destruction of wetlands is a concern because they are some of the most productive habitats on the planet. World Wetlands Day is observed to raise global awareness about the vital role of wetlands for people and our planet. You can celebrate this day by organizing an event, organizing a classroom discussion, visiting a wetland in your country, and raising public awareness by writing a blog or an article in your local paper & posting on social media.

In 2024, World Wetlands Day will be celebrated on Friday, February 2.

World Wetlands Day

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